Commercial Solar Systems in Southern California

SunSolar U.S. offers advanced commercial solar systems using the industry’s top performing products combined with cutting edge technologies that produce highly efficient systems that generate the power your business needs. Solar is helping businesses of all sizes cut their energy costs, increase profitability as well as property value and contribute to a healthy environment.

Commercial solar systems require a team of solar experts in design, engineering and installation which is why SunSolar U.S. has become the best choice for so many businesses throughout Southern California. We have extensive knowledge, experience and installations that show the exceptional systems we can do for you.

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Our Commercial Process

Energy Use Site Analysis

System Design



Professional Installation

System Commissioning

Interconnection with

System Monitoring

SunSolar U.S. Delivers Advanced Commercial Solar Systems

SunSolar U.S designs and engineers custom solar solutions for commercial facilities throughout Southern California including manufacturers, health centers, government facilities, carport owners, churches and many more. We specialize in designing, planning, building and installing the most advanced solar systems for residential and commercial properties throughout Orange, San Diego and Riverside counties that help our customers save money while contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment. We use high quality equipment from the industry’s leading manufacturers to deliver solar systems for our customer’s that will last for decades to come.

Our systems include a Solar system array (solar modules or panels), Solar system grid-tie inverter, Solar panel mounting system, Balance of system components, Single and three-line electrical drawings, Design assistance and technical support and Stamped engineering available from most manufacturers.

Benefits of Going Solar With SunSolar U.S.

Reduce Business energy costs

As electricity costs with the utility keep increasing, a solar system will provide savings month after month on your business electricity bills.


Installing a commercial solar system increases property value by providing a huge cost savings to a new property owner.


Solar power provides an easy and effective way to get the same electricity conveniently and at a lower cost.

Energy Storage Capabilities

Solar power systems with storage capabilities are available and increasing the value of a solar system by allowing for storage of power to be used during off peak evening hours.

24/7 Monitoring

You can do real time monitoring of your system to view performance reports to ensure that it is producing the power you need to run your business.

Flexible Financing

Our flexible financing options will help you make the best decision on how you would like to buy your solar system.

Government Rebates and Tax Credits

Sunsolar U.S. will help you navigate the utility and government rebate programs and federal tax credits to see what is available to you. SunSolar U.S. will safely guide you through the process and insure that you maximize your benefits. We will help you understand the potential savings and inform you of the steps to take to receive it.

They are first rate!

SunSolar Us, Inc completed installation of solar panels on the roof of our home. The company is very open and it was a very smooth transaction. They were very helpful with some additional work that had to be done at the time, electrical work. The system has been installed about 6 months now. I am surprised even with clouds outside the house; the system is still putting out a couple of thousand watts. We have seen a decrease in our power bills, under $5.00 a month. It was a great investment, much better than leaving our money in the bank. We have avoided the $200 – $300 electric bills and may have enough electricity to sell it back to Edison.

James K.

Good company. Good product. Good experience.

The company was responsive and sent an experienced person to take care of my concerns. I had discontinued my internet service with one company and started with another so my online monitoring system that tracks my electricity generation and usage did not work with new Internet provider. Casey, the Operations Manager was concerned that my monitoring was interrupted thru no fault of theirs and set it up so it was working with past data but not with new data. He explained that a thinga-bob was outdated and needed replacement and promised the new part within a week. My 72 panels installed in Sept 2013 have been working wonderfully, never a problem. My bill averages $1.82 per month; that’s right One Dollar and Eighty Two Cents. $1.82 a month instead of the $700.00 a month that I had been paying before solar. Good company. Good product. Good experience. I recommend them.

Don H.

They Met and Exceeded My Expectations!

Kobi Meltzer guided me through every step of the process as they installed a solar panel system on my house. He really went the extra mile to make sure that I was happy. The finance department also did a fabulous job and worked hard to get me approved for financing. I would absolutely recommend SunSolar US to anyone interested in installing solar panels and reducing their energy bills.

Nina Y.

Everything worked out perfectly.

We received installation for a complete solar system. Everything worked out perfectly. Kobi was one person I dealt with. They are a good company and would recommend then to anybody. The workers came on time, they were quiet while they worked, very clean and even called me to see if I was satisfied. They also helped me with start the system with my electric company.

Ofer H.

Satisfied with the work.

They installed solar panels on my roof and I am satisfied all the way around with the work. Kobi was the person who made me feel comfortable with the whole process. The main guy who came out to do the installation was very professional, and the people that were on the roof were all very nice and did a good job.

Ken H.

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