Your One-Stop Solar Panel Shop

Working with SunSolar provides many advantages. The most important is peace of mind. We at SunSolar respect and value your time. We make it effortless for you to ‘go green’.  We custom design and engineer your SunSolar system. Our comprehensive service includes direct management of any and all permits and community association permission approvals when necessary, follow-through on all rebates and tax credits, and 24 hour monitoring for the life of the system – we handle it all. SunSolar makes it easy and simple to go solar with our one-stop-shop and our full turn-key service.

Custom Made for Your Individual Needs

For us at SunSolar, every family and home is a whole world of its own. Our professional consultants are committed to carefully advising you on designing a solar system sensitive to your individual and unique needs; all with an eye on your home’s specific architectural characteristics and the unique financial goals and concerns that you may have. For the life of the system, we will make sure that you understand every aspect and feature. Ever mindful of our excellent reputation, we eagerly look forward to welcoming you to SunSolar’s family of happy solar system owners and operators.

World Class Installation and Uncompromising Management

Once you choose to go solar, SunSolar’s experienced team will install your SunSolar system with the high standards that come with attention to detail, uncompromising management and due-diligence. SunSolar uses only high-efficiency solar panels and the finest equipment and hardware. These unparalleled standards of quality assure that your SunSolar system will generate the best results solar energy can provide.

Irresistible Incentives

Going Solar in America has finally become a political priority. Both our federal and state governments have realized the tremendous importance of sustainable energy that respects the impact we have on our environment and the importance of eliminating our dependence on non-sustainable sources of energy. We now have the benefit of various kinds of incentives from the Federal, State and local governments making renewable energy affordable. That being said, navigating through government programs on your own can be daunting at best and exhausting and seemingly impossible at worst. SunSolar will identify all of the relevant programs available for you and independently file and manage all of the required documentation for you.

Premier Performance Monitoring

We at SunSolar take great pride in our world-class system designs. We therefore offer you the most advanced monitoring tools available to make your solar system energy production as transparent as possible. Our solar power systems include exclusive monitoring services which continuously track your system’s performance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our SunSolar performance commitment standards insure that your system is always performing at its peak.