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If you are considering a solar panel system for your home, it is one of the smartest home improvement choices you can make. Residential solar systems provide many benefits including the ability to reduce your monthly electricity costs, provide you with a 30% federal tax credit, increase your home value and provide ongoing renewable energy to you and your family. SunSolar U.S. provides quality solar panels, inverters along with expert design and engineering to provide you with a high performing system operating at maximum efficiency to generate as much power as possible.


SunSolar U.S. provides custom solar solutions for commercial properties throughout Southern California. A commercial solar system can help your business reduce or eliminate your electricity bills and provide you with renewable, clean energy year-round as well as more capital for other business operations. SunSolar U.S. will start by conducting a thorough site analysis to understand your solar needs, sun exposure and overall solar potential. We then provide a detailed proposal outlining a design that will maximize your energy output. Our expertise combined with today’s leading equipment and technology allows us to provide our customers with top performing systems, a high return on investment and 24/7 system monitoring.

Energy Storage

As a solar system owner, you can add battery and storage capabilities to your system in order to retain the solar power your system has generated during peak sun hours to be used in the evening hours. Homeowners and business owners can add energy storage to your system when first installed or down the road. This allows you to further reduce any electricity needs from the utility, avoid any issues from utility blackouts and reduce your electricity costs even more, perhaps even provide a positive income from the abundance of power you can generate and provide to the grid.


Solar carports are becoming more and more popular as companies are collecting the solar power typically lost to the blacktop parking lots. These solar covers take advantage of large spaces without covering the surrounding land. There are also many homeowners doing residential carports enhancing their ability to generate more power at home. Solar carports are smart investments as well as functional and beneficial providing reduced electricity costs and even cooler parking areas.

Patio Covers

If you have a cover over your patio, these make great places to install solar panels. These panels can be integrated directly into the design of a new patio cover or installed on an existing structure. It provides both a reduction in electricity costs as well as some additional shade in warm weather areas here in Southern California. When considering a patio cover solar panel system, the cover should be in an easily accessible area, have good southern sun exposure for maximizing the energy output as well as a sloped cover which can increase the panels performance.