Environmental Contribution

Become an Important Part of Good Environmental Stewardship

With the ever-growing awareness of our impact on the environment, and with the growing awareness of our considerable and steady impact on the environment in so many aspects of our lives, the importance of healthy and conscious environmental stewardship is more important now then ever. As it has now become clear that power plants are one of the major causes of pollution and environmental destruction, the concept of and now the reality of new and advanced technologies offering green solutions has put solar energy and its potential to generate ‘green electricity’ at the forefront of the range of smart and affordable options. Solar systems generating green power from the sun are now readily available to commercial as well as residential property owners and occupants, making both the financial benefits as well as the environmental contribution a true synergy of reducing air pollution, lowering our individual as well as collective environmental footprint and saving money all at the same time!

How can solar systems save our planet?

Solar systems are designed to transform energy from the sun into clean electricity for everyday use. By installing solar systems in your home and workplace, you will not only generate green power, helping to prevent further pollution and destruction to our precious world, but you will also be helping to reduce our dependence on coal and fossil fuel. The two-fold benefits involved here include both the impact on the environment as well as the importance of reducing our dependence on foreign supplies of energy and and helping to reduce our support of the type of foreign governments that benefit from our dependence on their supplies.

What is the actual environmental benefit of SunSolar’s systems?

A typical household of 3-5 people living in a three bedroom home consuming electricity produced by burning coal will be responsible for releasing approximately 5500 lbs of carbon dioxide a year. Each SunSolar residential system in use can make an environmental contribution that progressively prevents the consumption of Co2 by tens of acres of natural forest and eliminates the waste and unnecessary use of thousands of gallons of water over the years. This is just one household. Imagine the impact of millions of households all over the world! The collective tidal change that is building with the individual choices each one of us make to take advantage of solar power is in fact considerable.